Julie McDowell is the President of TARIS Incorporated, a consulting firm she founded in 2007 that provides advisory services to social and healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators, and the organizations that serve them. Areas of expertise include coaching and training entrepreneurs in fundraising, strategic planning, and business development, as well as providing venture advisory services for funders. 

TARIS also invests in start up ventures that use commercial solutions to address global health challenges.  These include Magnusmode Ltd., a company that produces life skills learning tools for young adults with cognitive special needs, and ChipCare Corporation that is developing portable blood testing technology for use in low resource settings.  Julie serves as Board Chair of Magnusmode.

Since 2003, Julie has held a number of leadership and volunteer positions, with a focus on global health and disability; including Member of the NCE Standing Selection Committee for the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada, Member of the Investment Committee and Scientific Advisory Board of Grand Challenges Canada, Member of the USAID Saving Lives at Birth Investment Panel, Chair of the Canadian Abilities Foundation and Regional Director for ORBIS Canada. She has also been an active member of the Canadian angel investment community, is a former Board Chair of Toronto based Maple Leaf Angels and a proud SheEO Activator. 

Prior to 2003, Julie enjoyed a successful business career in the apparel and textile industry, and held sales and management positions in retailing, manufacturing, and small business consulting. She also founded, grew and sold a successful promotional merchandising and uniform company with operations in Canada and the United States. Julie holds a Master of Science in Human Ecology from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.



Ms. McDowell leads a team of experienced professionals to provide coaching and advisory services to seed and early stage entrepreneurs.  Areas of expertise include:

Coaching and Training entrepreneurs

  • Provides weekly, monthly services as required
  • Advises on and supports leadership development
  • Develops and delivers need-based, customized management training

Strategic & business planning

  • Leads strategic planning process
  • Supports in business plan development
  • Provides advisory support throughout planning process  

business DEVElopment

  • Reviews and advises on revenue generation strategy
  • Assists in development of pricing plans
  • Support revenue budgeting process
  • Advises on sales team composition and management


  • Advises on fundraising strategy for seed and early stage ventures
  • Trains and supports entrepreneurs raising funds from angels
  • Builds fundraising packages and pitch decks

services for funders

TARIS provides pre- and post-deal Venture Advisory Services for governments and other funders of social and global health ventures:

  • Provides subject-specific group training for innovators
  • Coaches individual entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Develops, refines and/or advises on funder investment process
  • Participates on investment committees
  • Advises on review and investment committee composition and processes
Julie has been a tremendous asset to the early growth of Magnusmode and her guidance has also shaped my development as an entrepreneur...Because of her support, Magnusmode is achieving sales milestones, developing strategic smart partnerships and attracting angel investments.”

Nadia Hamilton
Founder & CEO, Magnusmode


"Having the support and advice of a more experienced female entrepreneur like Julie, who has grown and sold her own company, invests in seed and early stage ventures and who understands the entrepreneurial eco-system is incredibly valuable to any start-up, and especially to one run by a female CEO."

Jonathan Hera
CEO and Managing Partner, Marigold Capital
Former Director, Investments, Grand Challenges Canada


"Julie has provided invaluable advice throughout our sales recruitment process, from refining our job descriptions and interviewing process to reviewing promising candidates and highlighting potential red flags. She has advised on team structure, management issues, bottlenecks, and how to bring on board and part-time advisors. Julie is an incredibly professional advisor with a deep pool of knowledge and a thorough, systematic approach to not only providing strategic advice but pushing entrepreneurs to think through and outline key steps themselves."

Emily Mochizuki Lutyens
Co-founder & CEO, Legworks


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